Single Sided and Double sided Flexible, Flex Rigid and Rigid Circuits

We can manufacture virtually any size of single or double sided circuit in small, medium and large production volumes utilising a wide range of materials including polyester, polyimide, FR4 rigid and polyimide glass to suit specific thickness and application requirements.

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Flexible Only, Flex Rigid Hybrid and Rigid Only Multilayer Circuits

With our long experience of Multilayer manufacture gained over 35 years we are able to manufacture from the simplest to the most complex Flex, Flex Rigid and Rigid Multilayer's in small, medium and large production volumes with up to 30 layers including blind and buried vias when required.

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Specialist Circuits - Heater Flexes, Sculpted Circuits, Silver Epoxy and Dual Access

We regularly manufacture specialised circuits for many customers. Using materials such as Constantan, Inconel, Silver Loaded Epoxy and many more materials.
We have produced specialist heaters and Circuits used in space, aviation and automotive applications.

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PCB Manufacturer, Flexible Technology Ltd are experts in the manufacture of Flexible circuits and Flex Rigid printed circuit boards (FPC and PCB) with  thirty five years of dedicated flex and flex rigid manufacturing and assembly experience.

Flexible circuit interconnections give many advantages over discrete wiring, saving in space, weight, labour and inventory, all adding to cost reduction and ease of product assembly. At Flexible Technology Ltd we manufacture single, double sided, flex-rigid multilayer combinations, PTFE, Polyimide Glass, Flexible Heaters, Silver Epoxy and associated assembly. Our emphasis on Quality and Design for Manufacture has led us into every application across a huge range of markets in all areas of industry including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Military and University R&D to name but a few.
Flexible Technology Ltd was the first company to achieve the prestigious award of BS 123000, which is incorporated into our comprehensive range of military and commercial approvals. We pride ourselves in being a true cost provider of highly reliable and competitive products.

Flexible Technology Ltd have the capability to produce a wide range of many different types of PCB’s, including …….

  • Single Sided Flexible Circuits
  • Double Sided Flexible Circuits
  • Double Sided Flex/Rigid Circuits
  • Multilayer Flexible Circuits
  • Multilayer Flex/Rigid Circuits
  • Sculptured Circuits
  • Silver Epoxy Circuits
  • Heater Flex Circuits
  • Screened Circuits
  • Long length Circuits

All our products can be made with a combination of stiffened areas in rigid or polyimide, plated or unplated with various finishes such as Silver, Gold, Immersion Tin, Passivation, H.A.S.L etc. We mainly use Copper and Polyimide but we can also process various other materials such as Constantan, Inconel, Polyester etc

We can produce virtually any combination of flexible circuit, flex-rigid circuit, multi-layer and printed circuit board to suit many design requirements and with our expertise we can help you from initial circuit connection design right through to final product testing

We can supply small volume prototypes to high volume continuous batch production and can quickly react and adapt to your needs as they change.