About Us

Flexible Technology Ltd was incorporated in 1980 and was founded by three senior ex-IBM technical employees. The plant, which consists of two factories covering 2230 square meters (24,000 square feet), was the first in Europe to be designed and built solely for making flexible circuits and was completed early in 1982.

Flexible Technology Ltd rapidly became a leader in technology development and now supplies advanced flex and flex rigid circuits to high technology users worldwide.

Flexible Technology Ltd has partnered small, medium and multi-national companies across the world, our experience and extensive accreditation allowing us to participate throughout the whole electronic spectrum from life dependent military and medical applications to throw away consumer goods. Continual investment has enabled the company to keep abreast of advancing technology. We manufacture all kinds of flex and flex rigid flexible circuits and have supplied high quality rigid flex multilayer circuits with up to 30 layers. We export a large amount of the circuits we manufacture and we have traded in all the continents of the world.

Flexible Technology Ltd have manufactured flexible circuits for applications across the spectrum of Space, Air, Land and Under Sea.

With a management team totalling over 150 years of flexible circuitry experience we believe that we are the flexible partner you are looking to find to meet your needs.