Flexible, Flex Rigid and Rigid Multilayers

  • Flexible Multilayers

Flexible Multilayers are constructed using all flexible materials and adhesives and offer the best solution where some or all of the multilayer is folded into complex shapes or used in dynamic applications. Sections may have added reinforcement where components are assembled.


  • Flex Rigid Multilayers

Flex Rigid Multilayers are constructed using a combination of flexible and rigid materials and offer the best solution for combining populated large or small rigid areas interconnected with flexible segments for high reliability and minimal space utilisation. They may be built with adhesiveless copper clad laminates and coverlay free rigid areas for maximum reliability in harsh environments.


  • Rigid Multilayers

Rigid multilayers are constructed using rigid FR4 sheet material and pre-preg epoxy based adhesives for conventional component assembly or for special applications. Our capability includes the manufacture of rigid multilayers of up to 2 meters in length.