Specialist Circuits

The possibilities available to us using a combination of specialist materials, bespoke processes and our experience means that we are able manufacture a wide range of specialist designed circuits.

A few examples are explained below :

  • Sculptured Circuits

A Sculptured Circuit allows the thickness of a copper layer to change over its length. We have manufactured circuits where the thickness of conductor has changed from 7oz on the connector area down to 2oz in the flexible area.

  • Dual Access Circuits 

Dual Access Flexible Circuits have the same basic construction as a Single sided Flexible Circuit but allow the copper layer to be exposed in both the top and bottom layers of adhesive/polyimide on the same circuit. This allows for assembly/contact on both sided of a single sided circuit.

  • Silver Epoxy Circuits 

Silver Epoxy can be used for a ground shield layer or conductive layer, it consists of a silver loaded epoxy that is screen printed using an artwork onto a polyimide layer of a flexible circuit. The connection between the screen layer and tracking layer is achieved by the epoxy flooding onto an exposed pad from the layer below. The Silver Epoxy screen is then encapsulated with another layer of polyimide. The advantage of Silver Epoxy is that it can be very thin and provide electrical connection between layer with no plating required.

  • Heater Flex Circuits

A heater flex can be used to provide localised heat to any surface. A flexible heater allows the heater to follow complex contours of a product that may need heat application during operation. Specialist materials are used to ensure that the precise required electrical properties are met. We have developed some bespoke production methods to allow us to supply these circuits with termination wires already sealed and secured to the heater.

  • Long Length Circuits

We are able to manufacture single sided, double sided and multilayer circuits of virtually any length but they are very dependant upon material choice, tracking layout, plating requirements. As these are very bespoke circuits it is preferable for us to be involved from the initial design stages to ensure manufacturability.